Grow Your Physical Therapy Practice From Your Car: PT Podcast Radio

Grow Your Practice From Your Car: PT Podcast Roundup

Have you missed this? Want to keep updated on the latest and greatest topics in Physical Therapy private practice ownership while your sitting in your car, mowing the lawn or working out?

The physical therapy community has been crushing it with podcasts and I’ve been lucky enough to be featured on couple of them.

I wanted to give you a chance to catch up in case you’ve missed them.

Really valuable stuff here…

1) Physical Therapy Launch Pad with Lincoln Kincade


Episode #1: Sharing responsibility & the value of marketing

Link To Podcast |

Show Notes:

  • There are more patients than you can ever treat. You just have to have the right plan.
  • You are NOT a victim. Take responsibility for your success.
  • Surround yourself with, equip, and empower good people.

Episode #10: Introducing a new book on Marketing Musts

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Show Notes:

  • This is about the launch of my new book, Killer Marketing Secrets for Private Practice PTs. I explain the importance of why PTs should invest in digital marketing.
  • Workshops are a fantastic way of gaining more patients into your clinic, but also a great way to educate your patients with routine solutions
  • By measuring your effectiveness in marketing, as an owner, you can easily see your return investments and understand that marketing in PT is more important now than ever before.

2) Cash Therapy Success with Paul Potter


Episode #77: Killer Marketing Secrets For Private Practice

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Show Notes:

  • How I went from PT victim to PT all star after I lost my top referral source for the 3rd time
  • My big pillars of private practice success: marketing, personnel and financial know-how
  • Killer marketing secrets from my new book
  • How to host killer workshops to attract direct access, out of network and cash-pay patients
  •‘s Direct marketing system to accelerate your practice growth

3) Cash PT Lunch Hour with Aaron LeBauer

Episode #2: The POPTS Killer

Link To Podcast

Show Overview:

We discuss the creative strategies to market directly to patients and physicians. We explain how to keep your private practice alive when a majority of your physician referrals start their own practices or become employed by the local hospital and no longer sent patients to your practice.

4) Physical Therapist On Fire with Dr. Andrew Gorecki & Dr. Nick Hawkins


Episode #1: The POPTS Killer

iTunes Podcast Link

Podcast Overview

In the words of my good friend and Killer Marketing Member, Dr. Andrew Gorecki:

“It will motivate, inspire, and highlight others success in the PT world. Hosted By Dr. Andrew Gorecki and Dr. Nick Hawkins. Released every other Friday. Episode 1 with marketing guru Chad Madden, PT covering marketing strategies we never learned in school….”

5) PT Talker with Jeff Worrell


Powerful Resource for Running a Successful Private Practice Physical Therapy Clinic

Link To Podcast |

Show Overview:

The is all about “Breakthrough Physical Therapy Marketing” as a proven physical therapy focused marketing resource. I share details on the techniques that have worked for Madden Physical Therapy. The program reveals how hosting workshops can benefit your clinic. We share tips for launching effective direct response marketing at your clinic with copy that has worked in Madden’s own marketing campaigns. And also we provide strategies to create explosive growth for your clinic.


As you can see, there is a ton of great content being produced in our community.

Have a listen to these podcasts when you get a chance. They are sure to spark some inspiration, give you effective strategies for marketing your practice and help you take your practice to the next level….

No matter where you are in the process…

As always, feel free to comment or request more information on our Physical Therapy and Direct Access Marketing Services here and let me know what you think.

To your PT success,


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