Work ON Your PT Business, Not IN It - Physical Therapy Edition

Work ON Your Business, Not IN It – Physical Therapy Edition

How Systematized Is Your PT Practice?

Are you still trading time for money or are you working to completely automate your Physical Therapy practice?

There are many steps you can take to explode your PT private practice.

Controlling patient flow is one such step. Once you’ve mastered this, it’s time to move on to the next step.

But just what is this step?

It’s the step that allows you to move to the next level.

It’s the point where the success of your practice doesn’t on you trading time for money, but where your business makes money without you.

If you’ve ever said “I want to work ON my business, not IN it” then this is the step we’re talking about.

That line comes from E-Myth by Michael Gerber, and it’s the next phase to focus on after you’re in control of getting new patients.

It’s the phase where you start building systems to automate your practice.

For instance, 2 weeks ago we had a workshop with 35 registrants. Tomorrow, I’m hosting another workshop with a potential 57 registrants.

This all came about with minimal marketing effort on my part because I have PT marketing systems in place and a team to help me automate.

And I’m going to show you exactly how you can do the same thing.Why We’ve Got To Stick Together

pt clinic and local competition

It takes a lot of courage to admit we’re ignorant.

It takes a lot to admit “Hey, I’m not really sure how to run a Physical Therapy private practice, but I’m gonna start looking for some answers.”

Which is why I want to say that it’s really brave that you’re here.

I don’t know your exact situation, but I know that if you’ve made it to this point in the article, that you’ve got the courage to admit it to yourself.

You’ve got the courage to admit to face the tough fact you don’t know everything, but you’ve got what it takes to put the effort in to get your private practice to the place you want it to be.

I also want to thank you for something else.

For sticking through it. For being in the trenches owning a private practice, and fighting the battle every day.

It’s a hard battle, and we need to stick together.

I know because I’ve been through “the suck”.

Today you may see me and think I’ve got it all figured out. But it wasn’t always so.

3 years into being a private practice owner, I was uncertain, I was afraid and I thought I didn’t have what it takes.

I felt a knot in my stomach and a profound sense of feeling like a failure….every day.

I was uncertain what tomorrow would bring. There were days I would seriously consider in closing my practice.

All throughout I had the following thoughts running through my head “Am I worthy enough to be a PT private practice owner? Am I smart enough?

That’s how bad things were. They were so bad I would question my own sense of worth.

I strongly considered going back and becoming a PA for an orthopedic surgeon who had moved to Sun City, Arizona.

I just didn’t think I had what it takes to be a PT private practice owner.

But then…I started getting into marketing and building systems. I got excited again about private practice PT, being an entrepreneur and working ON my business.

I started succeeding and it snowballed from there.

This is why I say if you start implementing systems, if you start automating your business, if you start looking at what I’m going to share with you over the next few weeks, something miraculous will happen.

You’re going to start turning your life around.

How To Stop Trading Time For Money

pt clinic losing income

When you start to get a little bit of success, something cool happens.

As you realize the importance of building marketing systems to get a consistent flow of patients, you start to taste success.

You’re no longer getting that knot in your stomach when payroll comes around, something every private practice owner has faced.

You start to automate your finances and the rest of your business, slowly eradicating headaches that crippled you as a business owner.

But what’s really cool, is you get back to being a hero to your family.

Most of us got into Physical Therapy so that we could support our families, so that we could take them on breathtaking vacations, and give them the best we can in life.

But wouldn’t it be great to reach the next level?

To be able to scale back from 85 hours of work a week to 40 or maybe even 20 hours a week?

To be able to go on a vacation with your family and not lose thousands of dollars, as you’ll still be making money…without being there?

This is all possible once you begin building systems, automating and start working ON your business and not IN it.

Leaping The Cliff

taking a leap to grow your pt practice

Imagine if you will there is a huge cliff between where you are, and where you want to be.

On the left hand side is where you may be. You may have such problems as “I’ve hired another PT, but all of the patients still want to see me.”

Then there is a huge leap of faith over to the other side where you’re at “I have systems in place and my business is fully automated.”

But how do you make that jump?

How do you navigate that leap of faith?

That’s the question I’ve been getting, and we’re putting together some really cool stuff to answer that.

You’re going to see stories from George, Andrew and Travis on how they’ve made the jump or are currently making the jump.

You’re going to hear stories on how we’ve failed in the past so you don’t repeat our mistakes.

We’re going to share this all with you over the next few weeks, so keep an eye on your inbox.

I’ll see you in the next blog post.

To your PT success,


P.S Like I said, I’ve been in the trenches of PT, I’ve suffered so much in the past, that I even questioned whether I was cut out for private practice.

What kept me going was knowing there were other private practice PT owners who were going through the trenches.

We’ve got to stick together so we can keep fighting.

If my story resonated with you in any way let me know in the comments.

If you’ve ever lost your top referral source, also let me know in the comments. I would love to hear your story.

And if you are still trading time for money, but are looking to get to the other side…to automating your business, so your livelihood doesn’t depend on you…scroll down below and leave me a comment.

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