PT Practice Owner of The Year 2019 - Breakthrough

PT Practice Owner of The Year 2019

Tom and Melissa Cere Breakthroughs Practice of the Year 2019

Tony & Melissa Cere

Kinetix Physical Therapy
Gainesville, FL

Congratulations to our Breakthrough 2019 Physical Therapy Practice Owner of the Year, Tony & Melissa Cere! You may have seen them at summit riding the bull, or they may have been in your Direct Access Killer Marketing class, OR you’ve seen them ask a question on a Growth X call…

If not, we have a special Q&A with them today! Read the full interview below –

Tony & Melissa Cere Breakthrough POOTY Award Winners 2019

These two are non stop with implementing and they are on their way to open a 2nd clinic! Continue reading to see how they’ve earned the title of “Practice Owner of the Year.

What Breakthrough PT business and marketing systems have you implemented?

“All the KM strategies… green ink letters, 7 Step Killer Exam, Killer Testimonials, Physician Newsletters, etc.”

“We have all new employees go through the Direct Access Killer Marketing course. New hires then pick a couple topics and have to present it to the rest of our team during our meetings.”

“We have 2 workshops a month with Growth X and 1-2 Captured Audience Workshops a month as well.”

“We also have been implementing systems that were taught in Max Value, we outsourced our billing to Bob Kowalick, we outsourced our newsletters and website to Practice Promotions, and we also have two Lightforce Lasers!

“Our sole focus is workshops and community relationships. We’ve started interviewing patients about their experience.. Either written or an in person interview to make sure people are getting the experience we want them to get!”

What results have you gotten?

“ We’ve actually had a lot of headaches in 2019! But, looking at the big picture.. The growth we’ve had.. And the impact we had on the community.. the culture we have developed… We can finally say our team is on board with our vision and mission and that makes it so much better as owners to know we are supporting each other and seeing that change and growth mindset develop with our staff over the last year and a half.”

“We started tracking graduation rate. When we first started, some therapists were around 40-50%. Now we’re hovering around 80%.”

“Our workshops are great. We had 40 people show up to a shoulder workshop recently. We’ve had a lot of new patients which is why we are opening another clinic.”

What did you do to achieve these results?

“ Stick with the program. Meetings – talk about it, brainstorm about it. Meetings are great… if something isn’t working, bring it up and brainstorm.. “What can we do differently?”

“We’ve found that dividing up responsibilities between staff has worked very well. For example, we have 1 person responsible for workshop development, another person responsible for closing, someone responsible for marketing.

Employees with dedicated responsibilities are key.. We have to acknowledge that we can’t implement it all alone.. We can’t monitor it all.. But we need to make sure things are getting done.”

“Promoting morale! We have spirit week and dress down Fridays. Each month we pick a local nonprofit charity that we will donate to…in order to dress down, you have to donate to that local charity. At the end of the month, we match what employees are giving to a local nonprofit.

We also advertise it in the clinic and tell patients, and give them a chance to donate and be apart of something bigger as well.”

Advice for Breakthrough Nation?

“Implement what you’re learning.”

“Talk to other practice owners about how they’ve adapted certain things.. The network and group we have on Facebook has been super helpful in finding out best practices and is extremely encouraging.

It’s so nice to see owners at different stages…. there is just so much wisdom and everyone wants to help each other.”

“We’ve done this multiple times, but bringing our staff to Breakthrough events has really helped get our staff onboard, see what we’re involved in, and why we’re doing it.”

“We are grateful and humbled to be recognized as the POOTY. Our lives are shaped by the people we surround ourselves with and the experiences we have together with them. The people we have met and experiences we have shared since joining Breakthrough have helped to transform us as leaders, and we can’t thank you enough for developing an amazing and energizing community of like-minded practice owners who are on a mission to change our communities and the lives of our patients. Let’s keep working to Flip The Pyramid together!”

Thank You Tony & Melissa for a wonderful interview and Congratulations on being Breakthrough’s Practice Owner of the Year 2019!

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