Breakthrough Summit 2020: A Recap of Our Biggest Event Ever

Breakthrough Summit 2020: A Recap of Our Biggest Event Ever

Breakthrough PT Summit 2019 Recap

I’m still (almost) speechless at the amazing turnout and takeaways we experienced at the Breakthrough Summit.

This was our biggest event ever, with more than 350 PT’s and professionals joining us, along with a killer list of speakers that shared their strengths and insights to help other PTs grow their practice.

We had a lot of positive feedback from PT owners, and I personally received more text messages and emails from owners about how much their business was growing than in the last eight events combined. It was jam-packed with energy and high-value information, and I can’t wait to see what other PT owners do with what they learned.

It wasn’t all business, either. I’m sure you can find plenty of videos of our mechanical bull riding—more than 100 people tested their skills!

In case you missed it, here’s a quick summary of the event, along with some changes in Breakthrough to look forward to.

Breakthrough PT Summit Guest Speakers

An All-Star Lineup of Speakers

Our speakers covered everything from taxes to teamwork and brought their expertise to the stage. Some of the hot topics included:

  • Judy Cirullo on unifying and motivating your staff
  • Chandler Bolt on what he’s accomplished with self-publishing and how to use a book to establish yourself as an expert in your community
  • Karl Dettmann on wealth management and building wealth legally and ethically
  • John Logar on PT marketing strategies for 2020
  • Chris Reading with U.S. Physical Therapy
  • Kathy, Carl, and Mel from Breakthrough on Product X (now Growth X)

New this year, we hosted round table discussions, which allowed the Breakthrough team to sit down and discuss PT with other owners.

We also took a deep dive into the political landscape of PT and how we’re battling things like declining reimbursements. Chris Reading was an excellent resource and was able to provide specifics on how we’re dealing with shifts in PT.

The Future of Physical Therapy Private Practice

Declining reimbursements and dwindling referrals were a hot topic at this event. With many owners wondering about the future of private practice.

The good news is that there is plenty of opportunity out there – all 50 states now have some form of Direct Access.

But Direct Access is simply a vehicle for patients, and it’s up to each of us to seize this opportunity and start marketing direct to the public.

It won’t be easy, but the future is bright for PTs who are ready to stop thinking like clinicians and start growing their rehab practice like business owners.

Developing New Solutions for Private Practice

If you’ve been with Breakthrough for a while, you’re probably already familiar with most of the names on our team. But soon, you’re going to start seeing some new names, including Summit presenter Kathy Borkoski.

Last September, Kathy joined our team as Head of Product and delivered an exceptional presentation on how we develop solutions for your PT practice.

But what’s more important is that Kathy and her team are working on our suite of Breakthrough products that will improve the end-user experience and allow you to achieve a higher level of growth.

Typically, product development initially takes a “duct tape” approach. We’re looking at the issues our owners face, then piecing together solutions that will help to eliminate those issues. Then, once everything is developed, we circle back to connect and streamline each element.

Now we’re focused on systematizing practice solutions that not only solve today’s challenges but will also help to solve future ones that result from growth as these challenges are introduced.

And at the event we revealed the following changes to the Breakthrough product lineup:

Introducing Breakthrough University

Breakthrough got its start with Killer Marketing, which is a Masters-level class focused on ways to market your practice by going direct to consumer. From there, we progressed to Max Value, All Star, and PT Experts, and a whole heap of other knowledge resources. Now, we’ve brought all of these elements under the same umbrella—introducing Breakthrough University.

Our core focus is and will always be to help owners grow their practice. Breakthrough University is an accumulation of all the data and learning resources we’ve developed over the last five or six years.

Product X Is Now Growth X

When we launched Product X, it was the only end-to-end business growth system with guaranteed results that turns people in your community into patients.

That’s still the case, but Product X has been renamed Growth X.

What’s unique about Growth X is that it specifically addresses the cold traffic problem. This is our solution to converting people in your community who may not know or trust you yet into patients.

We focus on building expertise around your name and, ultimately, practice growth.

Get Familiar with Launchpad

If you’re a Growth X user, you’re already familiar with the software component of the product, referred to as the portal. This is the dashboard that helps you manage going direct to the consumer.

We’ve rebranded the portal to Launchpad, which will continue to serve as the Business Growth Dashboard. It will also be the home of the full workshop process to help you manage and view the results of your workshops.

Breakthrough Summit 2020 Awards Ceremony

Surprise Announcement at the Awards Ceremony

To close out the summit, we hosted an awards ceremony to give everyone one more chance to network. Tony and Melissa Cere of Kinetix Physical Therapy took home the title of Practice Owner of the Year.

We also made a special announcement that we are hosting an event here in Hershey, PA over the summer. The event will be held at the Breakthrough office, so you’ll get an exclusive look at where the magic happens. We announced 12 owners who received a coveted Golden Ticket to the event. More details to come soon.

If you missed us at the Breakthrough Summit, we hope you’ll join us in the future. Sign up for details on our next event or contact a Growth Expert today to discuss how you can grow your Physical Therapy practice.

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