Oakland Physical Therapy PC

Kristie Kava

Dramatic increase in new patient referrals.

Kristie and her husband Frank had built a successful practice using goodwill efforts combined with superior patient outcomes. But when local competition started to heat up, they knew they needed to update their approach or risk watching their practice fail.

Key Takeaways
40% Increase
in Total Patient Visits
51% Increase
in New Patients

When they started their practice, Kristie and Frank Kava did everything right.

They networked with local physicians, produced quarterly newsletters, and even offered community education classes.

And these goodwill efforts combined with superior patient outcomes helped them grow their practice for many years.

But when local competition in their area increased – national companies started moving in, hospitals started buying up POPTs etc. – it became clear that delivering better quality care wasn’t going to be enough if they wanted to scale.

Using Breakthrough’s practice growth platform, the Kavas where able to see a 51% increase in their new patient numbers at their practice.