Kaizen Physical Therapy

Colin Sisco

Colin boosted weekly visits by 25% in less than one year by working with Breakthrough

At the end of 2018, Colin Sisco walked into Kaizen Physical Therapy as the new owner, a practice he used to work in as a PT, and before that—as an aide before getting into PT school. When he took over, the practice was seeing about 100-110 patient visits per week. These numbers had been fairly consistent for about 20 years, showing no clear signs of growth or loss.

Colin notes that there were also no marketing systems (or any type of systems) in place that he could see. He considered this as a unique opportunity to step up as a new leader and implement changes that would enable growth that he believed the practice was capable of.

Key Takeaways
25% Increase in Weekly Visits
In Less than One Year
9 Evals Scheduled
From first Breakthrough Workshop

One of the practice’s biggest competitive advantages was that it didn’t have a lot of competition when the owners first opened it 20+ years ago. Colin believes they did a lot of hustling when physician referrals were at their peak, which helped to grow the practice’s reputation.

However, Colin knew that marketing is the key to growth, which is why he turned to Breakthrough to start building his marketing systems and vehicles that could enable and scale his new patient flow.

After just one month of using Breakthrough in his practice, Colin knew it was an invaluable piece to his practice. In his first workshop, he drew 14 attendees and converted nine of them into screenings and evaluations. Another 14 had signed up but weren’t able to make it, but Colin can nurture these leads and stay top of mind to hopefully get them into a future workshop.

Colin likes the simplicity of Breakthrough the way it removes much of the guesswork from advertising, marketing, and follow-up. 

The Breakthrough team handles the ad creation and posts the ads directly to Facebook for people in his area. People can click the ads and directly register for workshops he’s hosting, and he can immediately see who’s registered for an event so he can contact them right away. 

Growth X helps us get people through the doors, and it’s our job from there to convert them into paying patients. What I like is that once we do build these relationships with patients from our ads, they’re likely to go tell other people about us and refer us. So these ads aren’t just helping us get those patients, but also the referrals that come from each patient.

Breakthrough also provides email campaigns that Colin sends out to his past patient list. Colin wants to stay top of mind with these patients, including the ones that were patients of the practice before he took over. Colin sends monthly email campaigns to keep the lines of communication open and provide ongoing value.