breakthrough employees Jordana Knoblauch

Get to Know Breakthrough Employees

Meet Jordana Knoblauch, our Strategic Account Manager and Queen of Questions (she always asks the best ones).

Q: What is your job at Breakthrough? 

A: I’m the Strategic Account Manager for existing customers who want to explore new products and opportunities, such as beta programs and expansion to other locations. I help facilitate those conversations. I also work to identify which customers are high adopters and which ones are lower. To help turn low adopters into more active users, I share best practices so they can get a high return on investment. 

Q: Tell us about you and your background. 

A: I’ve been on the Breakthrough Team for two and a half years. I’m from Canada and have a background in Finance and Marketing. Out of university, I worked at a SAAS company in sales, and quickly became a sales manager overseeing a sales team. This was a fantastic experience, but one thing I missed in that role was having a long-term relationship with customers. I would build up great rapport with a customer during the sales process, and then have to pass them off to the customer success team. It made me realize that customer success might be a better fit for me, because it would allow me to build long-term relationships. 

Breakthrough was my first experience with customer success. I loved it! Now, the company has empowered me to grow into a role where I am both supporting customers and identifying expansion opportunities for them. It’s the perfect mix of what I’m good at and what I enjoy. 

Q: What’s different about working at Breakthrough compared to previous employers? 

A: Its leadership team. The amount they care for the employees and the level to which they involve us in the strategic vision of where we’re going is unlike anything I’ve experienced. They ask for our opinions and involve us in the process of designing and implementing the company’s strategic initiatives. There’s a lot of business transparency. They’re upfront with us about where we’re missing the mark and where we’re killing it. 

Another thing is the flexibility and trust the company offers the Breakthrough team. You can really design your schedule in a way that works best for you so you can have work-life balance. As long as you’re hitting your metrics and getting your work done, leadership across the board wants you to be happy and live the life that works for you- whether you want to work remote from Turkey or work as a night owl!

Q: What are the most exciting trends you’re seeing in the field of healthcare SAAS and marketing? 

A: The most exciting trend I see is private practices becoming less reliant on physician referrals. Working with customers, they’re typically highly reliant on physician referrals when they start with us. Like 90% of their business is from referrals. A year or two into working with us, they start to say, “Wow, I’m now only 30% reliant on physician referrals.” They feel like their destiny is within their control rather than at the beck and call of someone else. Plus, we enable them to focus on their speciality and become known as a local ACE (Authority, Celebrity, & Expert) for that niche. 

We have a dialed-in system of how practices can become profitable in the first year, and it works. I’ve had multiple practices launch new clinics and they’re profitable in the first year. That’s almost unheard of without our marketing.  

Q: Any advice for younger professionals in this space? 

A: Some advice for students of all ages – get involved in your local community. This helps you build great communication, networking and leadership skills. For example, I was a student leader for 3 out of the 5 years that I was at university. I learned a lot of my communication and leadership skills there that I apply to my career today. 

Q: What would you want our customers and partners to know about Breakthrough? 

A: We’re more than just workshops. Breakthrough brings a LOT of value to practices you might not think of, such as discounted rates with other vendors we have partnerships with. Or access to our community where you can learn the good, the bad, and the ugly so you don’t have to make the same mistakes as others.

We create processes and standardization within your clinic so you can scale and have a consistent plan to execute against, and you’re not just shooting from the hip. And we help you utilize your biggest asset, which is your past patient list, something a lot of people don’t leverage. When we help customers tap into this list, there’s an immediate value we bring that’s usually a “WOW!” moment. 

Most importantly, when it comes to our customers, they should know the engagement for us is not just a business transaction. They’re true partners in helping us “flip the pyramid” of healthcare. The Breakthrough team truly cares and wants to help them overcome anything they’re struggling with so they can get big wins.